comphy sheetsOne of the best bits of advice is to not to be cheap when it comes to the things that separate you from the ground. You need good shoes for your feet, good tires for your car, and good sheets to sleep on. You can spend anywhere from a quarter to a third of every day in bed, so you might as well be comfortable.
A good friend told me once at dinner that Comphy Sheets are truly “Change-your-life” sheets. If sheets are going to be described in that way, it was a no-brainer that I would have to try them out. Now you may think that “change-your-life” is a pretty drastic way to describe bed sheets. It may be drastic, but it is not over stated. These sheets are incredibly soft and they are reasonably priced! They are particularly good in the summer when people tend to sleep wearing little to no clothes. These sheets feel incredible on your skin. Incredible enough that they are our next spectacular suggestion!