pearHave you ever lost your one pair of glasses with the most up to date prescription and ended up wearing an old pair just to read the paper or drive to work?  Or worse, struggle with blurry vision to perform these tasks and suffer the consequences as a result?  Doing so can lead to headaches, misread instructions, misinterpreted details or even endangering your life and those of everyone around you if you make the mistake of hopping behind the wheel of a car.  Wouldn’t it be easier, and certainly smarter, to have at least one spare pair of glasses placed somewhere readily accessible should the unfortunate happen, and you misplace, lose or, heaven forbid, destroy your primary pair of prescription eyewear?

In addition to maintaining your best possible vision, and the security that comes with knowing you won’t be at a total disadvantage if you lose your one pair, it can only be to your benefit to own multiple.  The possibilities these days are endless as far as function, purpose and style!  Maybe you want a pair of distance glasses for driving, movie/ tv watching, or seeing the teacher in class-wouldn’t it be fantastic not to have to carry around the same pair, but instead keep one in the car, one by your tv remote and one in your purse or briefcase?  And if you need glasses to read, maybe keep a spare by your bedside or in your desk at work!

What about adapting different frames for our different and often changing roles in life?  A person may lead a very active lifestyle—choosing from the Lacoste or Ray Ban collections when playing sport or running errands.  That doesn’t mean that something more sophisticated isn’t called for in the boardroom, classroom, or on social occasions.   A girl might want to choose from Sospiri or Chopard in order to kick up her style a notch.  Nothing says glamour like Swarovski crystals and gemstones!

Now that glasses are seen as a fashion accessory, as well as a medical necessity, It behooves the modern consumer to own and keep more than one pair at a time—in case of emergency, sure, but also as different circumstances require different looks and functions!