I am an “older” woman with white hair and blue eyes. For years I have been wearing rimless glasses and loved them. When I came in for my annual exam about 2 months ago, Jodie urged me to try on some glasses with colored frames. She felt that some color on my face would be quite flattering, since I have a fair complexion and light hair. I was VERY resistant! After a little coaxing, I decided to try on just one or two. Well, I was hooked! Now I couldn’t decide between red frames, blue frames or purple frames. I decided on a beautiful periwinkle blue (to compliment my eyes, of course, lol)……and I absolutely love them! I get many wonderful comments on my glasses now……and best of all, I was told they make me look younger! Does it get any better than that?

Thank you Jodie. You have an amazing sense of style.

Sunny F

I was unable to reach my eye doctor on a Saturday and I had suddenly developed a very dark floater in my eye followed by flashing light. I knew that this could mean a detached retina….My regular eye doctor sent me to the emergency room because there weren’t any appointments available. I was not comfortable with going to an emergency room so I thought of calling another eye doctor that I had used in the past. They were unable to help me and also mentioned the E.R.

This is when a lightbub off went off in my head and I called Jodi from Spectacular Eyewear and told her my issue and she did not hesitate to tell me to come in and her doctor would dilate my pupil and see what was goin on. I am very thankful to Jodi and her Doctor for their quick assistance and luckily, it was not a dettached retina. It turns out that I was diagnosed a few days later by another doctor with vitrious hemorrage which basically is a nuisance and not a major issue.


I picked up my new Zero G Amherst eyeglasses yesterday with Hoya InStyle ID 1.71 index lenses. They came out great and are the lightest eyeglasses I’ve ever worn. Perhaps more important my daughters and wife love them.

Anyway, I really wanted to let you know that Jodie and her team (Claudia and Judy) were great. They spent a long time selecting possible frames (to satisfy my wife). They ordered the Amherst as a size compromise to what they had in stock and the slight larger size than, I think it was, the Binghamton made a big difference. I’ll be “advertising” Zero G everywhere I go now


Being a creature of habit, I am always hard pressed to make changes in my routine. On top of that, I’ve always been picky about my eyesight; I work with numbers and small print at least five days a week and can drive any optician to the “edge”. That being said, when Plainview Opticians was highly recommended to me and I took the leap and I tried them out. It was time for a total overhaul: I needed two new pairs of progressives and new sunglasses. I found the eyewear selection to be wide and the customer service professional, yet friendly. Jodie Feist, optician and proprietor, never made me feel like I was “being sold” a pair of glasses, and I was able to take all the time I needed to make my choices. When the glasses were ready to be picked up, I was again given the time and attention I needed to make sure the glasses were perfect. I have recommended Plainview Opticians to my friends and family. You won’t be disappointed.

Margaret C.

Jodie Feist, the owner of Plainview Opticians, is the only one I purchase my eyeglasses from and because my prescription is such a challenge. I own multiple pairs. I have lived in New York my entire life, which afforded me many upscale places to purchase eyeglasses. After being repeatedly disappointed with the quality and workmanship of the most “exclusive” opticians in New York City, I was recommended to Plainview Opticians in Plainview, Long Island.

I now spend much of my time living out of state, but only make eyeglass purchases at Plainview Opticians. Jodie guides me in choosing beautiful frames, appropriate in size and shape and actually sends them to me. Never once have they needed any further adjustment. Being able to wear comfortable, beautiful eyeglasses has become an easy process for me due to Jodie’s vast knowledge and expertise. What was once a “dreaded chore” has turned into an enjoyable experience.

So next time anyone needs the perfect place to purchase eyeglasses, they can feel confident that going to Plainview Opticians, will insure affordable, precision made, quality eyeglasses that will always be “a cut above the best.


Here’s my story: Jodi and her wonderful staff were so helpful to me and my two Daughters. We all have gotten glasses from her over the years and the personal attention is what sets her store apart from others. They will make sure you see and try a wide variety of frame styles, and they offer helpful opinions as to what frames will work best for you. I am so glad that I discovered Spectacular Eyewear, and plan on getting my glasses there for years to come


My wife and I have been long standing customers. Spectacular Eyewear has a wide selection of frames and everyone will help you select the style that is appropriate for your face and lifestyle. We also always enjoy the excellent service and attention we are given. The entire staff is both professional and courteous and we have and will continue to recommend Spectacular Eyewear to friends and family.


Spectacular Eyewear is the first place that the opticians are not only warm and friendly but they are not pushy. They truly respect your opinion when choosing a pair of glasses. They help you find what is the correct fit for you and not the most costly fit for you. This is something I appreciate about them. Jodie and Claudia are true professionals.


I have known Jodie from Spectacular Eyewear for a number of years, I love her as a personal friend and respect her as amazing business woman. Her store is run very professionally with that small intimate family feeling. Jodie & her staff are very helpful & patient in choosing the right style & fit, especially with picky customers like me who come back three times before making a selection! I also have received excellent care in my eye exams. I would recommend everyone to use them for “spectacular” service & attention! Thanks everyone!

Lisa Strauss

I’ve been to department store eyeglass places and dedicated optician stores. None have ever given me the attention that Jodi did. I’m 50 years old and she told me things about my facial features, and the way it affects how the eyeglasses fit me, that have never been told to me before. She told me exactly what to expect with the progressive lenses and was right on the money. I will now use nobody else.

Paul M.

I have been wearing glasses and or contact since 1963 and have yet to have the selection, and guidance i have gotten from you and Plainview optics! Thanks for the great sunglasses and the new contacts, i have never been so comfortable and am now able to see things i forgot i wasn’t seeing! And who know there was such a thing as swim goggle with corrective lenses, now i even see well underwater.[


Have browsed your website and think it looks great, is user-friendly and the philosophy on how you started in your practice gives a wonderful insight on the sincere person you are. It really tells your personality: caring, thoughtful and inspiring. The time you take in helping select just the right frame is very much valued I think to most people since eyewear has become such a fashion statement. You really have an eye for fitting one with something that is flattering to each individual – our family has loved everything you have helped us find. From a woman who loves to dress – thanks for completing the outfit with the perfect eyewear!

Roose B.