Characterized by a slight blurring of the vision or headaches or eyestrain, astigmatism is a common vision problem. It is typically caused by an irregularity in the shape of the cornea; often the cornea will have an oblong or oval shape rather than the spherical shape. This condition can be hereditary, but the problem may worsen as part of the aging process. Additionally, astigmatism can be caused by a trauma that scars or otherwise alters the shape of the eye.

If you think you may have astigmatism, it is important to utilize the skills and experience of a reputable eye care professional. A simple, non-invasive eye examination will provide the information that is needed to correct the problem with prescription glasses or contact lenses. While years ago it was believed that contact lenses were unable to correct astigmatism, there are now toric contact lenses available that work quite well.

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Our staff will not only provide you with the highest level of care to determine the problem, but we can prescribe the right fix with your choice of contact lenses or glasses.