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Ever want to know what career you can have working with eyewear and optometry?

12 year of school. Medical doctor. Performs surgeries.
Ophthalmic Tech
Works with md’s prepping patients and putting them in the automatic machines to get baseline readings.
8 years of school.
Performs eye exams, contact lens fitting, can treat minor eye infections, irritations and diagnose more serious issues
Frame Sales Rep
Travels around to eyeglass stores showing a specific brand and placing orders to stock stores.
2 years of school.
learning about lenses, adjustments, making glasses, lens materials, coatings fitting eyewear, consulting with patients about their needs.
Lens Laboratory Rep
Represents a lens lab and goes around teaching opticians about new products being released to the market.
Frame Designer
Designs, manufactures and wholesalers of glasses.
Contact Lens Rep
Visits the optometrist gets offices set up with fitting sets of lenses and acting like the liaison between the doctor and the contact lens company.
Checks patients in and confirms their insurance.