Together we can get through this

For the safety of our staff, patients and the community around us during the Covid-19 pandemic,
we have had to adjust the way will be servicing our patients during this pandemic.

New Covid Protocol:

1. All patients are required to wear a mask in order to be seen. For people seeing the doctor….

2. Doctor is wearing ppe and we have breath shields to keep you safe.

3. Once in the office you will be asked to wash your hands before seeing the doctor, we will also be checking temperatures before starting the exam.

4. For adults, you cannot bring anyone with you for your visit unless they are needed for physical assistance or to translate.
For children, only one parent per child are allowed in the office at a time.

5. All desks and counters are disinfected after each person.

6. Frames are disinfected with a UVC germicidal light to kill viruses.

We are aiming not only to keep you safe but our staff and their families as well.