It is not uncommon for healthy eyes to notice spots that pass across your field of vision. These are called floaters and can be different shapes and range in color from clear to grey to black. They tend to be most apparent when looking at a solid background. They are the shadow of small pieces of gel or cells in the fluid (vitreous) that composes the inside of the eye. While they may be harmless and indicate no internal problems, floaters  may also indicate a larger health issue, such as a detached retina. Optometrists’ are here to help you determine if your floaters are of the normal, harmless variety or if they are indicative of a more serious health problem.

If you experience jagged lines occurring in both eyes for up to 20 minutes, you may be experiencing a spasm of vessels in the brain, more commonly known as a migraine. Often these lines are followed by severe migraine headaches, but they can also occur without the headache and are called ophthalmic migraines. Typically, spots and floaters are harmless and will disappear over time. If they become more that just a nuisance and begin to compromise vision, other treatments are available. Contact our practice to learn more.