If you suffer from hyperopia, more commonly known as farsightedness, you are not alone. Nearly one fourth of the population has this condition and are able to see well at a distance, but find it difficult to see close objects clearly.

If you have never been diagnosed with this condition, some signs and symptoms include headache or eyestrain and you may often find yourself squinting or noticing fatigue when working on a computer or reading. If you have previously been diagnosed with hyperopia and are experiencing these symptoms, it is possible that your condition has worsened and you may need to have your eyes re-evaluated to correct the problem.

Caused by a shortened eyeball, vision in a person with hyperopia is blurry because light rays enter the eye and focus behind the retina, rather than directly on it as intended. The condition may be effectively treated with glasses or contact lenses that alter the trajectory of the light as it travels into the eye. Refractive surgery is also a treatment option for hyperopia. If you are suffering from farsightedness, please contact us today to schedule an eye exam and learn which treatment option will work best for you.