Kids Eyewear

It can take a little time for parents to adjust to the fact that their little one needs a pair of glasses; but our team is determined to make the transition simple and exciting! Our wide selections of adorable frames are custom fit for our tiniest friends in mind. Our pediatric specialists can fit children as young as 6 months! Each pair of glasses has a personality of their own. The frames have a spunk that children want and the durability that parents need! All lenses are either polycarbonate or trivex to insure the most impact resistance. All of our lenses are cut on premise so that they can be kid-approved for running, jumping, and playing outside! Routine follow-up care and adjustments are encouraged and are free of charge!


Tween Eyewear

Teens want to feel like they are making their own choices. So whether they want a classic fit or a trendy pair of specs—we’ve got them covered! Since no two teens are alike, we make sure to offer a wide selection of glasses. Eyeglass designers such as Kliik and Etnia can give you a whimsical look, while Ray Ban gives off a casual sporty feel. We also have a lightweight rimless line where your teen can customize their own shape, size and color. Your teen can create an expressive look they are sure they will feel confident in!

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Kids Frames

Comfort cable adaptors are available for many models.
Warranty Policies
All frames are warranted against DEFECTS for one year. Service charge for warranty replacements is $15.00 per incident. Sport goggles replacement charge is $30.00 due to manufacturer’s return policy. All scratch coated lenses have a 1 year, 1 time replacement with a service fee of $20 to cover reshipping and re edging.