Do you have a child or teen who has been told they need glasses and are unhappy about it?  If you are forcing them to pick merely functional frames, and not reflective of their actual preferences, you may be doing more harm than good.  If a kid feels like any article of clothing makes them stand out in a negative way, he or she is far more likely to ditch that piece the second you aren’t looking.  And what good are glasses that you need to read schoolwork, see the teacher, or participate safely in after-school activities, if they are shoved to the bottom of a book bag?

Doesn’t it make sense that if a person loves their glasses, they are far more likely to wear them?

In truth, gone are the days when only the intellectual or dorky wear glasses to see near and far!  With all the choices available, frames can be as on-trend as the coolest name brand sneakers or handbags.  Many people now own more than that one pair of glasses used for reading or watching tv, simply because they want to have accessories that complement their outfits!    It helps that current trendsetters like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine are often seen sporting different frames…as varied as the designer brands they are clothed in.

Beyond the seemingly juvenile concerns of being trendy or presenting a certain look to their peers, Kids can use the choosing of a pair of eyeglass frames as a jumping off point to their whole look.  With the right pair, a person can enhance certain parts of their features…say, the color of their eyes or the shape of their brow, and deemphasize those characteristics that they may be less confident about…like freckles or a bumpy nose.  Because, especially during adolescence, the preoccupation with looks and perceived imperfections can be just as big of a deal to your kid as the ability to see.  So why not address both issues at the same time by helping them pick a pair, or multiple pairs, that they can be excited about wearing?!