Have You Ever Heard of Petite Eyeglass Frames?

Are you an adult woman with a narrow face? Are you struggling to find frames that are well proportioned to your face?  We understand that it could be quite challenging finding your ideal perfect fit—well we got the memo! We understand the need for smaller glasses, and we know why you are searching for them.

As a Petite Adult, You Petite Want Eyeglass Frames That Fit Your Age

We get it! Children have smaller faces, and sometimes, adults resort to wearing these smaller sized frames. Adults with petite faces often find themselves having to settle for eyeglasses in frames made for children. In this fashionable world, there are many trendy and classy adult frames that you should be able to wear. The only reason why you haven’t is because those glasses are too big for you and sometimes, fall right off. Well, look no further! We offer many petite eyeglass frames that will fit your personality, but most importantly, they will fit your face.

So Why Should You Buy Petite Eyeglass Frames From This Long Island Company?

Spectacular Eyewear specializes in petite eyewear for the dainty-headed. From mature and trendy, to teens and adults, we have an array of petite and small collections from to choose from.  Good things really do come in small packages! Small faces will enjoy selections from Kliik,  Swissflex, Silhouette, Bevel, Etnia Barcelona, and, iGreen. All can be custom made with over 50 colors to choose from. Make sure to check out all of our collections!

Interested in trying on some petite frames? Book an exam and you can find glasses that fit your personality as well as your face!

Our opticians are BIG on making sure your new frames will lead to a fab new you!