Let Kids Choose Their Own Personality

Do you have a child or teen who has been told they need glasses and are unhappy about it?  If you are forcing them to pick merely functional frames, and not reflective of their actual preferences, you may be doing more harm than good.  If a kid feels like any [...]

Chemistrie Sunglasses

Most people have more than one pair of glasses.  Often, the second pair of glasses are our sunglasses.  In this day and age of computers, tablets, and screens just everywhere we look, the second or even third pair of glasses may be special blue light computer glasses. Chemistrie Sunglasses are [...]

Do Rabbits Have Super-Sight?

We have all heard the stories that if you eat your carrots, you will develop super-sight!  Carrots do for your eyes what a can of spinach does for Popeye’s arms!  With all of those carrots, rabbits must have the best sight of any animal on the planet! Well, here is [...]

20/20 Vision and the Big E

How has this simple vision test evolved? It is a staple in every optometrist office and we have all seen it.   We usually call it the opticians or an eye doctor eye chart and eye exam. The chart with the lines of letters topped with a big E was created [...]

Lazy Eye vs Eye Turn

What's a lazy eye? How do people get lazy eyes? Eye Turn and Lazy Eye are conditions that people often confuse and even think are the same thing. If you see someone with an eye that is off-center, if is often said that the person has a lazy eye. The [...]


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